As a surprisingly excessive best and reasonably-priced fabric, china 1100 aluminum sheet has many advantages, consisting of mild weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, clean processing, long life, recyclable, stunning floor, etc. As soon as it is published, it sweep metal and iron with unstoppable force and then occupy a place in many industries. Inside the world market, China aluminum sheet is famous for the low rate and excessive performance, so customers favor to pick out china aluminum sheet suppliers.
Inside the consumption shape of 1100 aluminum sheet, the development enterprise bills for 33.7% of the entire, observed via the transportation and power industries. The intake of aluminum sheet in these three industries accounted for 64% of the consumption of aluminum sheet in China. With the boom of home supply ability, china 1100 aluminum sheet have done exports successively because 2005. In 2010, China exported 1.8 million heaps of aluminum plates. With the boom of production capability 12 months via yr, presently China’s aluminum sheet production capability has accounted for more than half of of the world’s overall production potential, turning into the biggest exporter of aluminum sheet plates, and with the in addition improvement of aluminum sheet overall performance, the market potentialities of aluminum sheet will inevitably become an increasing number of vast.